The NoXS Minimal Philosophy Pt 1: The “NoXS” Bit

NoXS Minimal derives it’s name from two key questions. The answer to these two questions form the creation of the “lines” within which we create our NoXS Minimal lifestyle. Once this philosophy is in place, we can apply it to the Three Spheres of NoXS Minimal living.

Before I outline the first question, it needs to be understood that the answers to the two questions will vary for each person. The answers work in tension with each other – as we will see – to create the boundaries of your NoXS Minimal life. But as we have said so often, what each of our NoXS Minimal lives look like will be very different from each other. And this is okay. Furthermore, what we determine as our boundaries today may very well change as we grow ourselves. This is why it is a good thing to regularly ask ourselves these two questions and adjust our lives accordingly.

The first question relates to what it means to be “NoXS”.
This is a question of how far we are prepared to expand. It might be posed as: if I were to start with nothing, at what point would I be stepping over the line at which I would be entering excess?

In other words, how much is too much?

This is a good question to ask for those of us who have the potential to flagellate ourselves with minimalism. It allows us to consider what is a healthy level of “having”.

What excess looks like could be determined by many factors – space, cost, what one considers reasonable and location to name a few. Yes, these aren’t all that objective. I’m not sure if an objective factor exists (please let me know if you can think of one). And that is why the question asks for some honesty.

Answer the NoXS question and you will be half way to determining your NoXS Minimal limits.

Next week we will consider the other half – the “Minimal” half – of the question.

Until then, how might you describe your NoXS?

Live Simply & Simply Live,

Mark G

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