The Spheres of Being NoXS Minimal Pt 3. The Spirit


SPIRIT I have defined as the deeper you. It’s not physical and it’s beyond soul. Some may define it as the part of them that connects with God. Others may not believe in God but might define spirit as the part of them in which they find peace and strength in very difficult times. Regardless, there is something about making our lives more simple and minimalistic that tends to bring us to that place where we can experience a spiritual reality and calm in ways that complex and complicated lives tend to miss…

1. PURPOSE: We all have a purpose. Some of us are lucky enough to discover it early and allow it to guide their lives. Others have never taken the time to discover the purpose; and others again may have discovered that purpose but have made it so complex that they can’t see any way for that purpose to have any bearing in their lives. Purpose is part life passion, part intrinsic life values. Once we discover that purpose deep within us, our choices and decisions come so much easier taking away a great deal of pain and providing great peace.

2. PRAYER: Whether we share our thoughts and reflections with another “Being” or ourselves is irrelevant. The fact is society today wants us to go, go go! Busyness is a sign of being useful and productive (apparently) and the idea of sitting alone praying for 20 minutes or more a day is, well, a waste! However I would contend that a healthy life, one in which time spent in silence, solitude and contemplation, is vital to a life that is calm and focused.

3. PROVISION: One of the earmarks of a healthy individual who lives a bare, simple and minimal life is the value of generosity. The act of provision for others – be it food, shelter, finance, other goods or service – with no expectation of anything in return; enacted because the other person has need and you have the ability and capacity to provide for that need, is what makes communities complete. Being generous shows that we do not have an unhealthy connection to what we are blessed with, and the ability to offer them to others in the act of provision shows us that we are in a right relationship with others and with “stuff”!

Spiritual simplicity seems to go against the way most people end up engaging in their spiritual lives, but I reckon there is something to be gained from finding the core. As a Christian, even I recognise that Jesus scaled all of the Law and the Prophets down to just one word: “Love”. (Matthew 22:37-39) You can’t get more NoXS Minimal that that!!

Live Simply & Simply Live,

Mark G


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