The Spheres of Being NoXS Minimal Pt 2. The Soul

There are many definitions of SOUL. Some equate SOUL with SPIRIT; others talk about the soul’s make-up being of the mind, the will and the emotions of a human being. In trying to define SOUL, I will be speaking about the essence of a person – the REAL YOU, if you like. This comes down to being about things that are essentially unseen, yet are visible in the way that being NoXS Minimal in those unseen things are outplayed in our lives.

1. HEAD: This has to do with our mental processes. Clear, minimalist thinking, I believe, allows for a life of joy. Things don’t have to be rocket science. Simple thinking (note that this is distinct from simplistic thinking, which we will discuss in a post some time) allows us the freedom to enjoy a life free from the mental clutter that pulls so many people down. And yes, I honestly believe that it is as easy as just making things in your life less complex. Being NoXS Minimal in your head can do wonders for the rest of you as well! (When I speak about emotional processes, I have included them in the part of the SOUL that I call the HEART which I will flesh out below).

2. HANDS: This is about doing what you love to do and making time to do it. And it goes beyond just hobbies – in some cases this should apply to your work as well. And with work, don’t fall into the trap that just because you are an employee that you can’t make any changes to what you do or how you do it in the workplace. Enjoying what you do from day to day and doing it in such a way that is NoXS Minimal thereby giving you space to ”be” is just as vital to our health as good eating and exercise.

3. HEART: Here I am speaking about relationships and emotional health. I laugh that on Facebook you have an option to select “It’s Complicated” as an option for your relationships. Complexities of the heart only create lives of frustration and stress. Minimalising the complexities in our relationships by going NoXS Minimal of the heart – which can be as easy as just going back to remembering why we fell in love with someone in the first place – really can reinvigorate love and peace in our hearts.

In which of these three do you need to clear the clutter most right now?

Live Simply & Simply Live,

Mark G

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