The Spheres of Being NoXS Minimal Pt 1. The Body


When talking about life, it can be easy to ignore the body. “It’s not the real me”, people might say, “my personality is the real me.”

While this is true, there is something else even more true that we cannot forget:


With that in mind, we are neglectful if we do not consider the essential health and well being of our body. There are three key areas that we need to work on and where minimalistic principles can have a great effect:

1. EATING: I have come to the conclusion that a minimalist way of eating is vital to human health. Note I am not necessarily talking about minimal amounts, although some evidence suggests that our serving sizes should be a consideration. What I am suggesting though, and discuss in this blog, is how getting back to a simple way of eating – basic, whole, unprocessed, natural foods – can make us more alive and energetic.

2. EXERCISE: Sedentary living is not natural and is really only a recent phenomenon in human existence. We were made to move. Unfortunately, there is a whole industry dedicated to making complex programs, machines and equipment that suck $$ out of people’s pockets. The good news is that moving only requires one thing – getting off the couch! My life has been transformed by running, predominately barefoot, exercises that utilise my own body weight as all the equipment I need, and rediscovering the joy of moving like a kid again!

3. ENVIRONMENT: There was a key factor in my life transformation. As I look back over the past 18 months and the amazing changes that have taken place in my life, mind, health, relationships, well-being and attitude, I only recently nailed down a key factor – I moved cities and jobs. Hear me right – there were many things I still had to overcome that came with me when I moved. But the environmental change was a key player in getting me to where I am. Environment change may not necessitate a change of jobs or cities – it might simply be going somewhere new, joining a club or moving into a new circle of friends. But the environment we choose to live in and the way we live in that environment are factors that must and will come under our minimalistic microscope.

Which of these three might you start working on this weekend?

Live Simply, Simply Live,

Mark G


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