Why Women Should Take Up Barefoot Running. ;o)

So a friend took a poll on FB for her blog, asking what changes people made to their winter beauty regimen. I joked about using hand cream, but she wanted to know what I did for my feet as a barefoot runner. I responded as follows, realising that all women should take up barefoot running! Here’s what I said:

“Well, technically speaking we exfoliate every time we run! Look, there is a perception that our feet are hard and crusty but honestly if they are your form is bad. Because our heels don’t pound the pavement though, we might get the usual heel crackle that most people get. But as for the fore and midfoot, our feet should basically touch the ground and lift off again, not grip and pull. So yes, the soles are fairly soft. And seriously, a run in the rain is like exfoliating and you come back from a run on bitumen with beautifully clean feet! A barefoot trail run in the wet might be a bit different, but that’s just like a mud treatment now isn’t it! So I get the best of everything: exfoliate, mud treatment and it costs me nothing! I don’t know why you women don’t take this up…!”


Live Simply & Simply Live,

Mark G


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