What Minimal Means To Me.

Bare feet are to me a symbol of raw simplicity and minimalism...

Bare feet are to me a symbol of raw simplicity and minimalism…

Oh no – not another minimal blog

Well, this one’s different. I promise…

Most minimalists come at minimal from just one angle. For some, it is minimalist running and/or exercise. From others it’s all about minimalising what they own or have. Some have a bent for minimalist eating and the motivation for minimalism is about their health. For others again the motivation is different – it’s about not so much what they do (in going minimal) but why they do it: some want to avoid clutter, some want to downgrade for the purpose of social justice, some want to live unencumbered and ready for some kind of nomadic lifestyle and some just want to live more simply. For some, the whole process is purely superficial and trendy, and yet for others the pendulum swings to a completely deep and even spiritual experience.

What really isn’t out there is something that explores the whole gamut. Which is why this blog is different.

My minimalist journey began for health reasons – specifically to avoid running injuries. In short, I started running barefoot. In exploring this concept in depth though, I discovered the Tarahumara (not the other way around ie. most people discover the Tarahumara and began barefoot running)! But the Tarahumara have this amazing community and spiritual concept of Korima (which I will talk about in another post). This led to me looking at minimalism from a spiritual perspective within my own faith tradition.

This in turn led to me discovering  a 3rd Century book which got me thinking about what I own and how I engage my world in a sharing and empathetic way.

And so on and so on and so on…

Look, in short, I truly aspire to minimalism but it has invaded my whole life! And I think that as a concept within the 21st Century, minimalism has a very powerful and life changing message that I know many people are wanting to hear. When I talk to people about this concept, you see their eyes light up and their questions begin to lead to conversations where you can almost see them searching for a place for their feet to land among all this…STUFF!!

So whether minimalism is likely to invade one room of your house or every room in your life, and every combination in between, you will find a place to engage and share in the community here.

We will talk food and running and exercise and living and spirituality and possessions and money and community and travel and social justice and being outside and kids and education and a whole truckload of other things that I know and have experienced now and that I am yet to know and won’t experience until later and that YOU have or will experience and share with the community here.

That’s what makes this blog different and why you should subscribe and why you should comment and why you should contact me and tell me you have something to share from time to time.

And don’t forget to also stay connected via Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/noxsminimal

I look forward to enjoying the journey in community with you. Let’s get the journey started by asking:

What does minimal mean to you?

Live Simply & Simply Live.

Mark G

  1. Smiley said:

    Hmmm, What does minimal mean to me? I guess before I really thought about it, it was about what you described by ‘living simply’ but in a material sense. Now to me it means stripping back the crap in our lives, the extras. I need to start asking the question ‘Do I really need this in my life?. It has been so profound already. A wonderful friend of mine would often say to me to ‘keep it simple’ but I was a busy person, who I guess loved a bit of busi -ness. I had been managing anxiety for most of my life and that tends to make you a very ‘organised’ person so that life flows better, you are less anxious. I also like to make sure I am doing the ‘right’ thing by people, not letting them down, so if someone needs something, I am there, if someone invites me to something, I work hard to get there. This has been in the past to the detriment of myself and my family. I need a more balanced approach. So I started yesterday by cancelling a weekly appointment we had and wow a whole day has been freed up, and we spent that day in style, it was raining, we had the fire going, we had our pjs on for awhile I might add. But the day was sooooo much better and not much happened! So many things I want to explore here but paps that will do it for now.

    • thegladman said:

      Wow, Natalie! What an amazing start. And you know what, it’s a great place to start. Once the buzz and hub-bub are cleared away, you can think more clearly about other areas of your life that need simplifying and scaling back. No point being minimal and yet so busy you don’t have the time or space to enjoy it. And you have seen a huge difference and that was just clearing one day! You might enjoy the video I just posted at the NoXSMinimal Facebook page as well… :o)

      • Smiley said:

        Yes we did, Zari and I both watched (my 4 year old) and I explained to her about the busy ness of the day and we talked about places you can find peace and quiet, she noticed the man not looking happy and it was funny because she pointed out when she saw him smile! They are clever!

  2. Less is more is the prevailing concept – to me living a life of minimalism is freeing myself from the high-paced, over-complicated, over-worked confinement of modern society. It’s a response against materialism, consumerism, and most importantly, misplaced priorities. Thanks to minimalism I’m able to free time to pursue fulfilling activities with my family and friends, building relationships instead of breaking my back for a business that sees me as a number. Sorry, long comment… I love minimalism… Great post!

    • thegladman said:

      Thanks man – great comment! Yes, I agree that minimalism does open up some amazing doors. I think though that we just don’t realise how many doors until we start to see what happens when we simplify and begin to cut away the XS. Your comment hits on a sore point for some though – how do we really minimalise amidst a worldwide economy that requires us to buy in order to keep it afloat?!?! In that sense, minimalism is quite rebellious! Feels kind of sexy to be a rebel sometimes…

      • That it does – and it’s often very necessary! looking forward to reading your blog!

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