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When talking about life, it can be easy to ignore the body. “It’s not the real me”, people might say, “my personality is the real me.”

While this is true, there is something else even more true that we cannot forget:


With that in mind, we are neglectful if we do not consider the essential health and well being of our body. There are three key areas that we need to work on and where minimalistic principles can have a great effect: Read More

So a friend took a poll on FB for her blog, asking what changes people made to their winter beauty regimen. I joked about using hand cream, but she wanted to know what I did for my feet as a barefoot runner. I responded as follows, realising that all women should take up barefoot running! Here’s what I said: Read More

Just about a year ago, I went on a trip to NYC with our school as one of the attending staff members. I know – rough right?! Well you might want to reconsider what sort of holiday it was supervising 35 teenagers all over Manhattan for a week…

Anyway, one night we hit John’s Pizzeria and had a truckload of pizza left over. I said, “Hey guys, let’s get it boxed and see if we can share it with some people who may not otherwise eat tonight?” So we got the pizza boxed (about 5 boxes!) and off we went. Read More

Bare feet are to me a symbol of raw simplicity and minimalism...

Bare feet are to me a symbol of raw simplicity and minimalism…

Oh no – not another minimal blog

Well, this one’s different. I promise…

Most minimalists come at minimal from just one angle. For some, it is minimalist running and/or exercise. From others it’s all about minimalising what they own or have. Some have a bent for minimalist eating and the motivation for minimalism is about their health. For others again the motivation is different – it’s about not so much what they do (in going minimal) but why they do it: some want to avoid clutter, some want to downgrade for the purpose of social justice, some want to live unencumbered and ready for some kind of nomadic lifestyle and some just want to live more simply. For some, the whole process is purely superficial and trendy, and yet for others the pendulum swings to a completely deep and even spiritual experience.

What really isn’t out there is something that explores the whole gamut. Which is why this blog is different. Read More